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Michael Kinner & Family - a.k.a. The Boss Man!

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Hello everyone!  My family and I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website here at autosmartny.com. My name is Michael Kinner and I am the owner of Auto Smart, LLC located at 1126 Upper Front Street Binghamton, NY 13905. I am pleased to have been in the used car business and offering some of the finest quality used cars and used trucks in the Broome County, NY area for over 22 years!  

I've had a passion for used cars since my early teens.  I started my journey around the age of twelve when I worked at a local service garage everyday after school doing oil changes, brakes and tire changes.  I soon graduated to doing more major repairs and eventually into diagnostics and drive-ability issues where I drove all types of cars and trucks. After graduating high school I left my job as a mechanic and ventured off to college.  Cars never left my blood and I would soon find myself cleaning and fixing cars for friends for extra income. I always thought I could combine my mechanical and recon abilities with an inventory of used vehicles and somehow make a business out of it.  The curiosity about the dealership process of buying and selling cars was always on my mind. 

One day I entered a local used car dealership on Upper Front Street Binghamton, NY and overheard the owner on the phone looking for drivers to go pick up cars at an auto auction. I immediately volunteered. I recruited both my younger brothers and we left for an auction in the middle of the night out in no-mans land in New Jersey! Lol.... let me tell you... it was a very interesting experience. Needless to say, we made it home and I volunteered a few more times. I got hooked on the fact that moving cars came with a bonus; you got to drive different makes and models and you quickly learned a lot about each one. It wasn't long that I realized my curiosity and interest in vehicles was actually a passion. By this time I had the mechanical background, the detail experience and the understanding of the wholesale process so the last and most complicated part was the learning and understanding the retail process. But I knew I could do it. So I worked hard for that used car dealership in Binghamton and I eventually they agreed to let me buy and sell my vehicles using their license and my money. I saved about $3500 to buy my first wholesale vehicle and soon I was buying and selling more and more vehicles paving and paying the way to where I am today!

I opened our doors in 1997 as a small wholesale outfit on Upper Court Street in Binghamton, NY. I worked day and night running up and down the east coast wholesaling cars between auctions. At one point my team and I were flipping about 1,200 cars annually throughout the US and Canada. It was a daunting and tiring work schedule as we drove between states making our routes on a weekly basis. Eventually I burned out with all the travel and decided to focus on serving our local community with quality pre-owned cars and trucks at our Upper Court Street location. Shortly thereafter, in 2009 we moved to a much larger but remote location in Endicott, NY. And in April 2019 we made are largest move yet and acquired a two acre parcel of land on Upper Front Street in Binghamton, NY which now houses our new retail operations! 

Our family and the full staff at Auto Smart, LLC are proud to a part of the Binghamton, NY community. We all work hard to bring a nice assortment of automobiles to our local marketplace. It's an endless effort to stay on top of the game but together we make one hell of a team!

Check us out online then stop on down to see us in person so we can help you put your dream into your driveway! One trip to us and you will understand why Auto Smart quality sells itself!

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